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Improve Your Thinking. Improve Your Golf.
Improve Your Thinking. Improve Your Golf.

Improve Your Thinking. Improve Your Golf.

We help golfers to improve their mental game so that they shoot lower scores.

Taught by Karl Morris who has worked with Six Major Champions and golfers of all handicaps.

“I never actually thought just by thinking better I could save shots on the course, but I was wrong. Following Mind Caddie for a couple of months now, it’s clear to see the improvements.”

James, USA

Hear how Karl Morris helped Louis Oosthuizen win The Open Championship.


As a golfer, you know that the game can be both physically and mentally demanding. There are times when you feel like you're on top of the world, hitting every shot perfectly, and then there are times when everything seems to fall apart.

Working on your mental golf game can help you develop important skills like focus, concentration, and resilience.

Golf is a game of patience and perseverance, and learning to stay focused and positive even when things aren't going well can be a game-changer and help you become a more consistent and successful golfer.

  • Do you feel like...you stand over a shot with negative thoughts
  • Does it seem...you are chasing confidence in order to play well
  • Are you confused as to why… the work you do on the range doesn’t translate to the course?
  • Are you frustrated that...you compound one bad shot with another
  • And when it comes down to it, do you... chase swing changes for improvement?

Mind Caddie has been designed to address all of these problems and more. Produced by performance coach Karl Morris who has over 30 years experience working with 6 Major Champions, PGA Tour Players and golfers of all levels.

Mind Caddie doesn’t just provide you with theory, it provide you with the theory but practical elements that will transform your game. All backed by science.

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Learn the theory and skills that golfers on tour and amateurs all over the world use to improve their mental in short audio lessons.

Lessons are organised into Before You Play, During Your Game, After You Play and In-Between Rounds, so you can work on your game at the right time.

In these lessons, you will learn:

  • How to control your reactionsso you can stop the stupid mistakes that cost you shots
  • How to prepare for a round, so you can have the best chance of shooting a low score
  • The secrets the pros use, so you can learn from the best and apply them to your own game


Where many other products fall short is they offer theory without practical exercises to put into practice. Within Mind Caddie, you can keep track of your training through scorecards designed specifically for the exercises.

Plus, you can even score your mental game against your gross score and see exactly how your mental game affects the numbers on your scorecard.

Through these exercises you will:

  • Track the same stats as Tiger Woodsso you can follow how the greatest player ever trains
  • Monitor Progress, so you can see where your game may be suffering and cherry-pick lessons to help that area
  • Score your mental game like your gross score, so you can see how strong your game is and how it affects your scorecard


To see real change, you need to begin journaling. The evidence is so strong and backed by Science. Those who journal see improvements 4X faster.

What Mind Caddie offers:

  • Journal templates to completeso you can follow structured entries as Karl has used with all his players on tour
  • Free open journallingso you can create bespoke entries and keep notes
  • Hold yourself accountable, so you can be honest with yourself if you are putting into practice what you are hearing.


Breakthrough Program: Watch Karl talk through the theory and then set you tasks and games to complete on the course.

Each video comes with a scorecard where you can track your progress over time.

The Breakthrough Program was designed to help you ‘break through’ your current barriers and reach that next golfing goal you have.

The Great Shot Program:

In this program, Karl teaches you how to train your emotions before you play and out on the golf course so you give yourself the best chance of hitting as many great shots as possible.

Karl Morris

With over 30 years of experience teaching SIX major winners such as Louis Oostheuizen, Graeme McDowell and Darren Clarke these exact same methods for controlling their minds and their golf game to achieve lower scores.

Now is your chance to learn and apply these methods to your own game.

Mind Caddie has changed my game without me having to change my swing.”

Mark, UK


"Mind Caddie has changed my game without me having to change my swing.” - Mark, UK, HCP 22
"Journaling is a great idea and so important. If you dedicate time to the exercises and follow what is taught, you’ll see improvement. I did." - Beth, USA, HCP 26
"A Must for Golfers This is a fantastic app, a must for all golfers. Some fantastic information and exercises from world-renowned performance coach Karl Morris." - Callum, UK, HCP 6

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